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1. Why is my split system or ducted unit blowing out warm air?

This is the most common question we get asked on extremely hot days. When we install your unit we will take the time to show how to use your unit. Most people think that when it is hot you put the thermostat temperature down as low as you possibly can, which in most instances is between 16-18 degrees. Most people don’t know that it does not matter if you set your unit at 18 or 24 degrees, the air that will come out of the vent will be the same. The controller temperature that you set is telling the unit what you want the temperature to be inside the house not what the temperature is coming out from the unit. The best way to run your unit on those extreme days is to turn your unit on early and set it at an achievable temperature. I recommend setting your unit at between 24 to 26 degrees (depending how extreme the day is) and you will get a unit that will achieve the goal you are looking for and you electricity bill will be a lot healthier than if you tried to run a non-productive unit at 16 degrees for a 3 month summer.


2. How often do I need to clean the R/A filter or the filters in my split system?

Keeping your filters cleaned is an easy task that can be performed by anyone in the home.

The filters are not just there to keep the air quality high but also to stop the refrigeration coil from being blocked. I recommend that you clean your filters every 3 months to help maximise your air flow and to help keep the room air at its highest quality. But as always refer to your product guide for any further details.


3. If I have furniture or curtains touching my hydronic panels will they get burnt?

No they won’t. Hydronic heating is where water is heated from an outside boiler either by gas or electricity and then pumped through insulated pipes to the radiators that you see on your walls. The radiators are hot to touch, but they are only carrying hot water through them so there is no chance of any material touching them catching fire or being burnt.

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